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  • Nov, 21, 2018
    Kate Griffith
    I couldn’t be happier with the results from Dr. Tal... I’m obsessed with my new breasts and my new found confidence! I have nothing but amazing and wonderful things to say about Dr. Tal and his staff.

    I went for a consultation with Dr. Tal back in 2016 and with many other doctors as well. I decided not to have surgery at that time but always had Dr. Tal in the back of my mind that when I did go through with it.. he would be my surgeon.

    2018 comes around and I go see Dr. Tal again and during my consultation I am reminded as to why I KNEW I wanted him to perform my breast lift and augmentation. The office staff, medical assistant, and of course Dr. Tal were extremely patient in answering all my questions, putting any of my concerns at ease, and making sure I was comfortable with every aspect of the upcoming surgery.

    On the day of surgery, everyone at the surgery center was helpful, kind, and extremely caring. The surgery was complex being that my breasts were different sizes, asymmetric, and had extreme sagging... I had a lift and augmentation, and also had mesh lining to help keep my breasts lifted. Dr. Tal is a perfectionist so the surgery took some time, but that’s exactly why my results are so perfect. He really listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me those results!

    Now, 8 weeks after surgery- I couldn’t be happier, the size is perfect for my body type. I have the exact amount of cleavage that I asked for. They are literally perfect!

    All of my post surgery visits have been quick, informative, and I can tell we are all happy with the results! My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!
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